We grief the passing of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej

King of Thailand grief
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Gussing Renewable Energy Thailand and its colleagues worldwide join the entire nation in mourning and grief for the passing of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. We offer our most sincere condolences and prayers to the Royal Family and the entire people of Thailand.

His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej has led the nation for 70 years and become a central figure in the modern history of Asia. Under his righteously reign, the country’s advances in both economic and social development have been remarkable and huge. His Majesty is widely recognized for his compassionate wisdom and visionary leadership. His progressive thinking about the Sufficiency Economy and his philosophy on solutions based on nature has guided Thailand towards a future that is based on sustainability, equity and a better life for all Thais.

Gussing Renewable Energy (Thailand) Co. Ltd. approved as R&D organization

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Bangkok, July 12, 2016

Gussing Renewable Energy (Thailand) Co. Ltd. (GRETHA) has been approved as Research & Development organization under Royal Decree 297 & 598 by the Thai Revenue Department. This decision will be announced publicly by the Royal Gazette shortly.

This fact provides the development of a new business section, Research & Development, for the company. The R&D services must fit into the following categories, in order to provide extra tax benefits of up to 300% to customers’ invested value for GRETHA’s R&D services:

  • Basic research: Activities that are conducted to explore new knowledge from basic natural phenomena and factual observation.
  • Applied research: The application of basic knowledge to solve or develop a concept for commercial purposes.
  • Pilot development: Activities performed to magnify a production scale from basic research and applied research.
  • Demonstration development: To verify a technology and production process and to demonstrate the level of integrity of such process and viability on a commercial scale production in both quality control and cost estimation.

For more information or to discuss R&D opportunities with GRETHA, please contact us at


status update of the GRE DFB gasification plant in Nongbua, Thailand

status update der GRE DFB Gasifikationsanlage in Nongbua, Thailand
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The main components of the GRE DFB gasifier have been installed into the steel structure.

status: April 2016

news flash status update of the GRE DFB gasification plant in Nongbua, Thailand

In this video we give you an insight look to the fabrication of the main components at our manufacturer in Pune, India as well as showing you current images of the site in Nongbua, Thailand, where Asia's first GRE DFB gasification plant is currently being built.

Status: March 2016 

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GP Green Energy receives award of excellence from GRE Thailand

Mr. Messner, Mr. Jangada, Mr. Mukherjee
Mr. Messner, Mr. Jangada, Mr. Mukherjee
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Gussing Renewable Energy Thailand has awarded this year’s award of excellence to GP Green Energy Systems. Managing Director Mr. Jay Mukherjee and Technical Director Mr. Jayaprakash Jangadar received the award during their visit to Bangkok, Thailand on 9th December 2015. GP Energy's contribution and performance in engineering and manufacturing of Gussing Thailand's GRE DFB gasification demonstration plant have been outstanding, therefore our board voted for this award unanimously.

Kick-off meeting for the “Polygeneration III” R&D project

Group picture “Polygeneration III” project team
Group picture “Polygeneration III” project team
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The kick-off meeting for the “Polygeneration III” R&D project took place last week at the Vienna University of Technology (VUT). This project will investigate the most economic and efficient pathways for the simultaneous extraction of hydrogen and methane from the product gas of DFB gasifiers. The most promising process chain will be tested at the Güssing laboratory with product gas from the Güssing DFB gasifier. Project partners are VUT, bioenergy2020+ (biomass research competence center), with key researcher Prof. Hermann Hofbauer, Güssing Renewable Energy and Air Liquide R&D Germany. The project will run until March 2019.

Picture from left to right: Dr. Gökhan Aras (Air Liquide Forschung und Entwicklung GmbH), Michael Kraussler (bioenergy2020+ GmbH), Dr. Friedrich Kirnbauer (bioenergy2020+ GmbH), Leopold Nenning (Güssing Renewable Energy International GmbH), Dr. Matthias Müller-Hagedorn (Air Liquide Forschung und Entwicklung GmbH), Dr. Florian Pontzen (Air Liquide Forschung und Entwicklung GmbH), Andreas Ochs (Managing Director, Air Liquide Forschung und Entwicklung GmbH), Prof. Dr. Hermann Hofbauer (Vienna University of Technology & key researcher bioenergy2020+ GmbH), Dr. Martin Miltner (Vienna University of Technology) 

Kick-off for 2nd generation biofuels project

podium: Dr. Haslinger, Dr. Mayrhofer, Bgm. Knor, Mag. Neisser, Dr. Rauch
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On November 4th, 2015, the press conference for the kick-off of the 2nd generation biofuels project took place in Güssing, Austria. The project goal is to demonstrate the profitability of 2nd generation biofuels, by converting biomass to syngas with the GRE DFB Gasification technology and further upgrading and refining the gas with Fischer-Tropsch synthesis. The project will be carried out at the site and with syngas of the GRE DFB gasification plant in Güssing, Austria.

The project is led by Dr. Reinhard Rauch of Bioenergy2020+, with the Vienna University of Technology and VUANCH and the University for Chemistry and Technology in Prag, Czech Republic as scientific partners. Güssing Renewable Energy GmbH, Biomassekraftwerk Güssing GmbH & CO KG, Bilfinger Bohr- und Rohrtechnik GmbH and the two refineries Unipetrol and PKN Orlen S.A. are venture partners.

Mag. Neisser, CEO Biomassekraftwerk Güssing GmbH & CO KG: „Not only is the FT-technology ecological, but also economic and pointing the way ahead here in Europe. For us as Güssing Renewable Energy Group, this is a clear commitment to the location Güssing, where we continue to develop Austrian technology and Austrian Know-How, and carry it out to the world.“

Image copyright ©BIOENERGY2020+

Click here for the video of the press conference

Construction update of the GRE DFB gasification plant in Nongbua, Thailand

Construction update of the GRE DFB gasification plant in Nongbua, Thailand
Construction update of the GRE DFB gasification plant in Nongbua, Thailand
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While the first phases of the construction of the GRE DFB gasification plant in Nongbua, Thailand, such as foundation and steel frames are completed, various customized fabrications of the main components have been delivered on site and are currently undergoing inspection. In the following weeks a refractory will be installed into the main components before they will be assembled and connected with a total weight of 60 tons.

At the same time, the future operators of the plant in Nongbua are currently undergoing our GRE Academy Program in Austria to obtain the GRE DFB Operators certificate. The training includes theoretical courses at the Vienna University of Technology, led by Prof. Hermann Hofbauer, and practical sessions at the plant in Güssing, led by Mr. Markus Koch. Based on almost 15 years of operating experience of the GRE DFB Gasification plant in Güssing, we are in the unique position to offer plant operators of future GRE DFB gasification plants around the world the opportunity to learn how to operate our plants at a working plant. 

Project presentation at Renewable Energy World Asia 2015

Dr. Janjira Hongrapipat at the Renewable Energy World Asia 2015
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Gussing Renewable Energy (Thailand) Co. Ltd. was invited to present the GRE Dual Fluidized Bed Gasification Power Plant project in Nongbua, Thailand at the Renewable Energy World Asia 2015 - Conference & Expo. The event took place from September 1st – 3rd, 2015 in Bangkok, Thailand and it is considered the largest gathering of the renewable energy industry in Asia.

During the presentation, Dr. Janjira Hongrapipat, Technical Manager for Gussing Renewable Energy (Thailand) Co. Ltd., gave a general overview of the project and highlighted technical characteristics of the first GRE DFB power plant in Asia. A copy of the presentation can be downloaded here.

Technical manuscript by our colleague Dr. Hongrapipat published

Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery
We proudly inform you that our colleague, Dr. Janjira Hongrapipat, Technical Manager for Gussing Renewable Energy (Thailand) Co., Ltd., has co-authored the article “Removal of NH3 and H2S from producer gas in a dual fluidized bed steam gasifier by optimization of operation conditions and application of bed materials”, which will be featured in the latest “Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery” journal. The journal can be ordered here. Editors-in-Chief are Prof. Martin Kaltschmitt of the Technical University of Hamburg and Prof. Hermann Hofbauer of the Technical University of Vienna.
Our compliments to Dr. Hongrapipat, we are delighted about this success. Keep up the good work.
Description of the journal from the publisher "Springer-Verlag GmbH":
Thorough coverage of environmentally sound and economically viable processes for biomass conversion
  • Focuses on the technical, chemical and system aspects of Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery
  • Operates in the topical areas of Bioengineering, Renewable Energy, and Environmental Protection

Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery presents articles and information on research, development and applications in thermo-chemical conversion; physico-chemical conversion and bio-chemical conversion, including all necessary steps for the provision and preparation of the biomass as well as all possible downstream processing steps for the environmentally sound and economically viable provision of energy and chemical products.

GRE DFB gasification plant in Nongbua, Thailand starts construction

Nongbua stone laying ceremony

Honorary ceremony for the laying of the foundation stone

On Monday, May 4th, 2015, the team of Gussing Renewable Energy Thailand together with representatives of GRE’s key partners in Thailand, Siam Cement Group, Metro Machinery Co., Ltd., Bangkok Industrial Gas Co., Ltd., Cofely (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and Nongbua Green Power Co., Ltd. had the honor to lay the foundation stone of the first GRE-Dual Fluidized Bed Gasification Power Plant in Thailand. The plant will be located north of the country’s capital Bangkok in the province of Nakhon Sawan.

In their speeches both Mr. Michael Messner, Managing Director of Gussing Renewable Energy Thailand and Mr. Visut Chongcharoenkit, Energy Director of SCG, expressed their confidence in the project which will demonstrate GRE’s technology and generate 1MWel output to be fed to the national grid from renewable energy sources such as various forms of Biomass and also Refused Derived Fuel (RDF) and segregated Municipal Solid Waste (MSW). Together GRE and SCG want to develop the Thai and neighboring market for the GRE-DFB Gasification process.

Beside SCG, this prestigious project also attracted additional national market leaders such as Metro Machinery (MMC) and Bangkok Industrial Gas (BIG). MMC is the sole distributor for Caterpillar Gas Engines and other equipment in Thailand and will of course be the supplier of the Gas Engine required to turn the high quality GRE gas into Electricity. BIG will work with GRE in a R&D side-project on how to separate valuable Hydrogen from the Syngas stream as well as look for other potentials in Gas generation and separation. Another partner is Cofely, a daughter company of Gas de France-Suez, which is specialized in Operation and Maintenance of Power Plants and other industrial and commercial installations.

The GRE-DFB plant in Thailand is due for commissioning beginning of 2016 and will then perform its duty reliably as a community Power Plant bringing wealth to the region and provide quality jobs.

Download the press release here

Patent for innovative product gas cooling filed

1x DFB plant Gussing

GREG has recently filed for a patent to protect an innovative way of cooling down the hot gas produced by GRE DFB steam gasification ahead of the necessary cleaning steps.

This novel process was developed by GRE and will be employed in all GRE DFB systems. GRE’s innovation lowers operating costs and increases operating hours by further reducing tar formation at the heat exchangers.

DFB reactor in Gussing sets new record high operating hours

In March 2015 our DFB reference plant in Gussing has set a new record for operating hours: 728 operating hours on the gas engine, equal to 98% uptime, exceed previous records.

We want to take this opportunity to congratulate the head of operations, Mr. Markus Koch and his team on this achievement.

Güssing Renewable Energy and Energy & Chemical Engineering have signed a cooperation agreement

Güssing Renewable Energy (GREG) and Energy & Chemical Engineering (ECE) have signed a cooperation agreement. ECE was founded by biomass gasification pioneer Prof. Hermann Hofbauer to supply gasification engineering expertise to business clients. "GRE has been relying on Prof. Hofbauer’s advice and expertise since 2009, this formal agreement is an important step in solidifying our cooperation", said Peter Panholzer, Güssing Renewable Energy’s CEO.

GRE and ECE will cooperate on the engineering and support of GRE’s worldwide projects, the training of DFB operators (GRE DFB Academy Program), as well as bringing new developments in multi-fuel DFB gasification to an operational environment.

Gussing Renewable Energy and Bangkok Industrial Gas sign Research & Development Cooperation Agreement

On March 13th, 2015 the Managing Directors of BIG A, Mr. Piyabut Charuphen and GRE Ms Benjamaporn Krajadkaew signed, in the presence of GRE chairman Mr. Michael Dichand, a cooperation agreement which provides the solid framework to enhance GRE's syngas quality and increase it in regards to electric power generation, while at the same time generating pure hydrogen for the specialized gas market in Thailand and ASEAN.

The ceremony was witnessed by GRE's project partner, the Siam Cement Group which takes the honor of introducing both parties to each other. 

Under this program BIG A and GRE will cooperate at the 1MW demonstration site in Nongbua, Nakhon Sawan, Thailand through the years 2015 – 2018. 

Furthermore BIG A is designated to become the exclusive supplier of Nitrogen and other special gases to GRE and its DFB Gasification Power Plants in Thailand and ASEAN.

news flash driving the VW XL1 with CareFuel news flash Fahrt des VW XL1 mit CareFuel
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Advanced technology in fuel refining by Carbon Recycling and advanced technology in automotive design are the short time solution to the world’s emission problem!

Both technologies are available at industrial scale today and will be the clean standard of tomorrow. GRE and CareFuel make clean fuels available to the ISO- standardized market and the average but careful customer.

In order to prove our point, beyond any form of doubt we picked up the worlds most advanced available car, the Volkswagen XL 1, in Dresden, Germany and drove it all the way to Güssing, Austria.

See the video here 

Japanese-Austrian Committee for the Issue of the Future visits Gussing

Mr. Tsutsui, the Co-Chairman of the Japanese-Austrian Committee for the Issue of the Future
Mr. Tsutsui, the Co-Chairman of the Japanese-Austrian Committee for the Issue of the Future
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Following the recent signing of the License Agreement with Edison Power Co. Ltd. from Japan, Mr. Tsutsui, the Co-Chairman of the Japanese-Austrian Committee for the Issue of the Future visited Gussing to find out more about the GRE FICFB Gasification Technology and the model region Gussing.

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License agreement with Edison Power Co. Ltd. from Japan signed

Mr. Peter Panholzer, CEO GRE GmbH & Mr. Toshimasa Yamada, President Edison Power Co. Ltd.
Mr. Peter Panholzer, CEO GRE GmbH & Mr. Toshimasa Yamada, President Edison Power Co. Ltd.
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Güssing Renewable Energy GmbH and Edison Power Co. Ltd. sign a license agreement for the exclusive rights to the GRE FICFB Gasification Technology in Japan

Güssing Renewable Energy GmbH proudly announces the signing of a license agreement with Edison Power Co. Ltd. for the exclusive rights to manufacture, build and operate the GRE FICFB Gasification Technology in Japan. The GRE FICFB Gasification Technology, developed at the Vienna University of Technology, under the lead of Prof. Hermann Hofbauer, is the first functioning FICFB (Fast Internally Circulating Fluidised Bed) plant worldwide. The first plant of this technology was commissioned in Güssing, Austria in 2002 and has since achieved over 80,000 operating hours.

The partnership with Edison Power Co. Ltd. foresees the construction of the first demonstration plant in 2014-2015. This first plant will serve as know-how transfer and to showcase the ability of this technology to potential public and private customers in Japan. The first commercial plant, with 1MW electric output, is scheduled in the Ibaragi prefecture in 2015.

Prime Minister Abe’s policy to activate Japan’s rural communities creates large potential for sustainable and renewable energy solutions. The GRE FICFB Gasification Technology is a ready-to-use technology for the utilization of carbonic waste-streams for decentralized and CO2-neutral energy production.

Mr. Peter Panholzer, CEO of Güssing Renewable Energy GmbH: “We are happy and confident to step into a partnership with Edison Power in Japan, to provide our Carbon Recycling© technology and our community development to the Japanese communities."

See the video here 

India's largest cement producer ACC Ltd. visits Gussing

India's largest cement producer ACC Ltd. visits Gussing
India's largest cement producer ACC Ltd. visits Gussing
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K.N. Rao, the Director for Energy and Environment of ACC Limited, a member of the Holcim Group, visited Gussing to find out more about the Hofbauer-Reactor. ACC Limited is India's largest cement producer and is interested to cut down their CO2 emissions by generating energy for their manufacturing from renewable resources.

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Japanese media visit Gussing

Kopie von: Japanese media visit Gussing
Kopie von: Japanese media visit Gussing
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Due to the rising interest in Japan in alternative and sustainable energy solutions, media representatives from Oita Godo Shimbun Inc. came to visit Gussing to find out more about the unique, decentralized energy model.

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The Güssing DFB plant sets new record high operating hours

Hofbauer reactor in Gussing
Hofbauer reactor in Gussing
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Thanks to the long-known operating team headed by Mr. Markus Koch and the new management of Güssing Renewable Energy GmbH, a new record has been achieved at our reference plant in Gussing: 716 operating hours on the gas engine in the month of January 2014. The 96% uptime mean a new record and all-time high!

We wish to congratulate Markus and his team on this achievement. Keep up the good work!

Gussing Renewable Energy Thailand and Cementhai Energy Conservation sign a cooperation agreement

GRE-SCG signing ceremony
GRE-SCG signing ceremony
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On December 12th, 2013 at 5pm the directors of Cementhai Energy Conservation Co. Ltd, a 100% subsidiary of one of Thailand’s largest industrial conglomerates, the Siam Cement Group (SCG), and Gussing Renewable Energy (Thailand) Co. Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement to jointly develop and build a 1MWel demonstration Gasification Power Plant in Thailand.

The plant will be built throughout the year 2014 and commissioning will resume by early 2015.

This joint effort reflects Gussing's recognition as professional technology provider and market leader in fluidized bed gasification systems.

Dusit Sutthakit - Manager Gasification Technology and Application
Chanwut Limpichai - Energy Management and Service Manager Energy Divison
Visut Chongcharoenkit - Managing Director SCI ECO Service Co.Ltd.
Chana Poomee - Director Energy
Michael Dichand - Chairman of GRE
Michael Messner - Managing Director Gussing Renewable Energy (Thailand) Co. Ltd. 

Interview with Michael Dichand (English subtitles)

Michael Dichand was interviewd by Monika Graf for the
Michael Dichand was interviewd by Monika Graf for the "Salzburger Nachrichten"
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Michael Dichand was interviewd by Monika Graf for the "Salzburger Nachrichten" and asked about current topics, such as the Biomass Gasification Plant in Gussing, the internationalization of the GRE DFB gasification technology, the company orientation of Gussing Renewable Energy, the energy change, the e-mobility and much more.


A High-Renewables Tomorrow, Today: Güssing, Austria (Oct 8, 2013)

Laurie Guevara-Stone
Laurie Guevara-Stone
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Bringing Economic Growth to a Dying Town

A small town in Austria that had no significant industry or trade business is now thriving thanks to local renewable resources.

Güssing (population: 4,000) sits in eastern Austria. In 1988 the region (population: 27,000) was one of the poorest districts in the country. It relied on agriculture, there was no transportation infrastructure, unemployment was high, and 70 percent of those who did have work were commuting to Vienna, 100 miles away. The town, where two-thirds of the working population was out of work and young people were moving away, was referred to as a dying town. Due to a lack of connections to the railway network and to the Austrian Autobahn (freeway) system, energy costs were extremely high. At the time the town of Güssing was said to be hardly able to afford its $8.1 million annual fossil fuel bill.

Several of the town leaders realized that $8 million dollars going to pay for fuel oil (mostly for heating) and other fossil fuels (such as coal for electricity) from outside the region could stay in the local economy if they could produce their own energy. However, they realized if they wanted to be energy self sufficient the first step was reducing energy use. In 1990, the town implemented an energy efficiency program, retrofitting all public buildings with new insulation and replacing all streetlights with energy-efficient bulbs, reducing energy expenditure in buildings in the town center by almost 50 percent.

With greatly improved efficiency, the town then adopted a policy calling for the complete elimination of the use of fossil fuels in all public buildings, in an attempt to keep more money in the local economy. 

Heating with Local Resources 

There is not a lot of wind in Güssing, but biomass is abundant—the town is surrounded by 133 hectares (328 acres) of forest. Some local residents, realizing that wood in the forest was decomposing and not being used, started to run a district heating station for six homes. With the success of that project, more small district heating systems were built. The mayor, who was looking for a way to revitalize the town, took notice. In 1996, the heating system was expanded to the whole town and was also generating electricity, all from renewable raw materials gathered from within a five-kilometer radius through sustainable forestry practices

Then, in 2001, with the help of the federal government, Güssing installed a biomass gasification plant, that runs off of wood chips from wood thinned from the forest and waste wood from a wooden flooring company. This was the first utility-scale power plant of its kind in the world. The plant uses steam to separate carbon and hydrogen, then recombines the molecules to make a form of natural gas which fuels the city’s power plant. It produces on average 2 megawatts of electricity and 4.5 megawatts of heat, more than enough energy for the town’s needs, while only consuming one-third of the biomass that grows every year. The town also has a plant that converts rapeseed to biodiesel, which is carried by all the fueling stations in the district. 

Becoming a Model Community

In 2007 the New York Times reported Güssing was the first community in the European Union to cut carbon emissions by more than 90 percent, helping it attract a steady stream of scientists, politicians, and eco-tourists. One year later, Güssing built a research institute focusing on thermal and biological gasification and production of second-generation fuels. That same year a solar manufacturer started producing PV modules in Güssing, producing 850 megawatts of modules a year and employing 140 people. Several other photovoltaic and solar thermal companies have relocated to Güssing, installing new demonstration facilities in the district. 

The little town has become a net energy producer—generating more energy from renewables than it uses. Altogether, there are more than 30 power plants using renewable energy technologies within 10 kilometers of the village. Now the goal is to take the lessons from the small town of Güssing and make the entire 27,000-person district an energy-self-sufficient net producer. 

Currently around 400 people come to Güssing each week to visit the numerous demonstration plants. Even Austria’s favorite celebrity, former California governor, and renewable energy advocate Arnold Schwarzenegger visited Güssing in 2012. “Güssing has become a green island,” he said when he spoke at the Güssing renewable energy demonstration plant. “You have built your own district heating [system]. You are generating your own electricity. You are operating a biomass power plant, produce synthetic natural gas from wood and develop new fuels at the research lab. I have seen all of this with my own eyes. Everyone should follow your example. The whole world should become Güssing.” 

The town now has 60 new companies, 1,500 new jobs, and annual revenues of $17 million due to energy sales, all resulting from the growth of the renewable energy sector. The downtown has been rebuilt and young people picture themselves staying there in the future. And other areas are following Gussing’s lead. More than 15 regions in Austria are now energy independent with regard to electricity, heating, and/or transportation. The town of Güssing has shown that not only is a high-renewables future possible, but also economically advantageous. Schwarzenegger must agree, because when he left he said, “I’ll be back.” 

"Reposted with permission from the Rocky Mountain Institute


GP Energy obtains ISO certifications

ISO 9001:2008
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Gussing Renewable Energy is proud to announce the recent achievement of our partner GP Energy, India: GP Energy obtains ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certifications through its continued commitment to provide high quality goods and services.

Joy Mukherjee, Managing Director of GP Energy, on this milestone: “I am pleased to inform you that with your blessings and active support, today GP Energy is a ISO 9001:2008 as well as ISO 14001:2004 certified company. We are pledged to serve our valued customers with quality products and services only.”

First refinance makes GRE projects bankable

CIMB refinancing signing ceremony-group picture
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CIMB, the global player in ASEAN banking, has approved the refinance of Thailand’s largest gasification project for green energy made from agricultural waste and wood biomass.

The project was promoted through a cooperation of Thai entrepreneur APT Energy Co. Ltd., a company of the Techawachara family, and the Austrian-based GRE group from Gussing, known for their carbon neutral energy solutions.

This project gives a state for many more to follow in the region under a program that aims to supply sustainable power production at the village level.

Thailand, which is widely dependent on import of energy, has initiated a nationwide effort to become energy independent.

Watch the startup of the biomass power plant and the footage from the Opening Ceremony.

New tech flash videos on


2 new tech flash videos about our Hofbauer Reactor II on

Visit and watch the virtual walkthrough of the 2nd generation Hofbauer Reactor, a biomass gasification power plant based on the Fast Internally Circulating Fluidized Bed (FICFB) technology and learn how this technology works with a walkthrough of the heart of the Hofbauer Reactor.

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Footage of carbon-neutral energy solutions for over 3 hours of total running time 

Over the last few days we have published many new videos from our activities and projects around the world on Watch the news flash of the opening ceremony of the power plant in Nongbua, Thailand the news flash of the Clean Energy Expo Asia 2012, the animated film of the Renewable Energy Center in Bor, Serbia  and much more on


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Recent activities and developments from our partner GP Energy, India

GP Energy

New order of a GP Gasifier, opening of a new division and technology supplier in the SPEED programme

GP Energy has bagged one order from Britannia Industries Limited, the leader of the Indian confectionary market with 40% market share and annual revenue of EUR315 million last financial year, for designing, supplying and operating a GP Gasifier, with gas burners, temperature control system and complete ETP system for its Madurai factory to replace 500 liters of oil per hour. Here, gas would be used for baking of biscuits with a temperature variation tolerance of only ± 3°C. The plant is expected to be commissioned by March, 2013

The Rockefeller Foundation has come forward and developed a unique programme called ‘SPEED’ (Smart Power for Environmentally Sound Economic Development) for powering rural India. The long term goal of SPEED is to contribute on the lives of poor and vulnerable population by providing clean energy to rural communities, thereby improving the quality of life and enhancing livelihood security. They have planned to implement successful pilot projects to 30 to 50 villages, to demonstrate sustainability of the project and to create variable conditions for scaling up to 1000 villages in India alone. The same activities are going to be replicated in 8 other countries, namely: Kenya, Tanzania, Sudan, Nigeria, Nepal, Ethiopia, Angola & Bangladesh under the same SPEED programme.

Looking at the enormous business opportunities, GP Energy has opened a new division named “Community Business Division”. Through this umbrella, GP Energy intends to market not only its own designed small gasifiers but would also like to trade other renewable energy solutions like Gasifier Stoves, Solar & Wind Turbine, wherever applicable.

To understand and to have a hands-on experience in rural electrification, GP Energy has partnered in the SPEED programme as a technology supplier and voluntarily adopted two un-electrified villages for supplying electricity as an ESCO. The capacities for such 2 plants would be in the order of 50 KWe and 150 KWe. This will also help GP Energy to demonstrate the GP Gasifier working as a decentralized power plant on a 24/7 basis. The projects are expected to be commissioned by June 2013. 

Read the complete News here  


Plant Presentation Ceremony of “Community Based Biomass Power Plant” in Nongbua, Thailand

Nongbua Opening Ceremony - H.E. Dr. Peterlik
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The successful Cooperative between Thailand and Austria

On Wednesday, November 28th, 2012, Nongbua Green Power Co. Ltd., its management and owners as well as its employees had the honor to present the completed Biomass Gasification Power Plant to selected guests of the Governmental, Financial, Industry and Private Sector and the local community.

First speaker was H.E. Dr. Johannes Peterlik, Austrian Ambassador in Thailand: “When we look at what Gussing Renewable Energy here in Nongbua today produces, we have clean energy, we have good air and this is due to the fact, that this technology, which has been successful in Austria, is based on a different kind of fuel, a Biomass fuel which is clean energy and sustainable energy.”

In his inspiring speech H.E. expressed his trust in the Thai-Austrian ties and the Nongbua Project. Nongbua Green Power Co. Ltd. is the product of the successful co-operation of the Thai project developer APT Energy Co. Ltd. and its strategic partner Gussing Renewable Energy (Thailand) Co. Ltd., Thai subsidiary of the Austrian based specialist for gasification and renewable energy projects.

Read more (pdf)

Watch the news flash here  

Blue flare – Project “Powering Communities & Employing People” in Nongbua, Thailand

Blue flare – Project “Powering Communities & Employing People” in Nongbua, Thailand
Blue flare – Project “Powering Communities & Employing People” in Nongbua, Thailand

You may be very appreciative about this picture! It shows the burning flare at Nongbua in the Nakorn Sawan province, Thailand! This is our success in Thailand. The gasification project works just fine and we now enter into the commissioning phase there.

In case there are still doubts about our (GRE) ability to start and complete a project, you are invited to have a look for yourself.
This project (1MW) was entirely equity financed and, since the milestones have been reached, it will now be refinanced by CIMB, a regional Thai bank and their investors.

Any comments? Any doubts this will work elsewhere in the world? The only reason a similar project does not work may be pure ignorance... 

This sound is pure music threatening the disbelievers and crushing their arguments...

The very Best from Bangkok 

Link to video:

Projects in Thailand:


Winners of the Gussing Renewable Energy & Great King City “Reuse, Reduce, Recycle” – contest

Gussing Renewable Energy and Great King City awarded the winning team in the “Reuse, Reduce, Recycle” – contest. The mission was to use a simple idea for everyday life to reuse, reduce and recycle waste. The award was given to “Team The Pub” at the Faculty of Industrial Education and Technology, King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, Thailand for their concept to recycle a carton as a bag and a typo-lamp, a lamp made from old newspaper and plastic glass.

The winning team (2 persons) won a trip to Austria, for the launch-event “Great King City 2012” in Gussing, Austria, on September 28th, 2012.

See here the submitted work from “Team The Pub”  

Güssing Renewable Energy Successfully Operates Biogas Fuel Cell in Güssing, Austria

Care Fuel

Installed ClearEdge Power Fuel Cell System Successfully Operates on CARE FUEL, Güssing’s Sustainably Cultivated Biogas

Güssing Renewable Energy GmbH, a leading provider of carbon-neutral energy solutions today announced that the first stage of its fuel cell deployment in Güssing, Austria has been completed. In partnership with ClearEdge Power, a leading provider of fuel cell micro-CHP (combined heat and power) systems, a ClearEdge fuel cell system was installed and configured to operate off of Güssing’s CARE FUEL biomethane supply generated sustainably from regional residual biomass. The two companies announced today that the system has successfully been up and running at its full 5 kW capacity since August, 20, 2012.

“This is a very significant milestone for Güssing Renewable Energy GmbH and its CARE FUEL biomethane, ClearEdge Power, and the entire renewable energy market,” said Michael Dichand, Chairman, Güssing Renewable Energy. “Communities no longer want to rely on energy from unpredictable regions or technologies. ClearEdge fuel cells have provided an efficient way for us to use the clean biomethane fuel we are generating via our gasification plants and converting it to usable power and heat for our community. ClearEdge Power has been a terrific partner in helping us meet our carbon-neutral goals. Now that we have successfully demonstrated the viability of operating the ClearEdge system off of biomethane generated in Güssing’s sustainably cultivated biomass facilities, we feel confident moving forward with the subsequent stages of our agreement, including the installation of 8.5 MW of fuel cell systems in Austria over the next three years and 50 MW installed by 2020, which will create cost-effective energy security for the region.” 

“Güssing Renewable Energy is at the cutting-edge of environmental sustainability and the successful deployment of our fuel cell system using their biomethane supply further demonstrates the viability of ClearEdge Power’s system within the renewable energy space,” said ClearEdge Power CEO, David B. Wright. “The use of biomethane to power our system allows us to offer our customers an even larger environmental impact, beyond the 41% carbon reduction that our system currently offers. This milestone clearly illustrates the timeliness of ClearEdge Power and Güssing Renewable Energy’s products in helping to build a more secure, green energy supply in the U.S. and abroad,” commented David B. Wright. After the successful deployment in Austria, we are excited to move forward with our international expansion plans with Güssing as our trusted partner in the European market.”

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Upcoming events

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Over the course of the next few months, Gussing Renewable Energy (Thailand) Co., Ltd. will be participating in the following events, presenting our technologies, the MultifunctionalEnergysystem and Integrated Resource Management at our projects in Thailand:

  • July 31: Press Conference at the Clean Energy Expo in Bangkok, Thailand. Hosted by the Federation of Thai Industry
  • September 9: World Bank Conference in Nepal on MSW management
  • September 28: Great King City press conference on the European Launch in Gussing, Austria

Projects in Thailand:

For more information please contact:

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Hermann Hofbauer: Linneborn Prize 2012

Hermann Hofbauer: Linneborn Prize 2012
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This accomplishment is being awarded on the occasion of the 20th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition - Setting the course of a biobased economy, Milan, Italy, 18 - 22 June 2012. The 2012 Prize Winner is Hermann Hofbauer from the Vienna University of Technology.

The prize is awarded to him for his outstanding contribution and leadership for over 30 years in developing and in market introduction of several important technologies for energy carrier production and sustainable energy generation from biomass by thermochemical methods. Especially his work on producing syngas from biomass by dual zone circulating fluid bed gasification attracted worldwide attention and admiration.

Its implementation for combined cycle energy generation in Güssing was an important step in reaching a share of almost 100% renewable energy in this South East Austrian town, provided hundreds of new jobs, flourishing businesses attracted scientists and business people from all over the world and even enhanced tourism.

Professor Hofbauer has been and still is active in many international networks and advisory committees, chairman of scientific boards, in the different IEA-groups as member or Austrian delegate and in the executive committee. He is also key-researcher at the competence center “Bioenergy 2020” Gasification. Hermann Hofbauer is often invited at international congresses on biomass and appreciated as an authoritative speaker, a friendly and wise colleague and an effective promoter of biomass energy.

Next to all this he also paid a lot of attention to educating young people, had leading positions in management of education and general administration at the University of Technology in Vienna.

The European Linneborn Prize was established in 1994 for outstanding contributions to the development of energy from biomass. The Prize is named in honour of Johannes Linneborn, a pioneer of wood gasification. Deeply rooted in human ethics, he had far reaching visions on the world’s development, on health, transport and agriculture.

On behalf of Gussing Renewable Energy we congratulate Univ. Prof. DI Dr. Hermann Hofbauer for this great award and we look forward to continue the close collaboration.

Gussing Renewable Energy congratulates the winners of the Great King City design contest

Gussing Renewable Energy congratulates the winners of the Great King City design contest
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On June 20th, 2012 Muang Thai Life Assurance Co., Ltd., in association with Gussing Renewable Energy (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and Nok Air, Ltd. hosted an event in Bangkok, Thailand to announce the winners of a design contest. The goal of the competition was to create a new play mode in the “Great King City” facebook application with the theme “What is sufficient”.

The committee was looking for creative ideas and the ability to develop and apply knowledge on sustainable energy to create a mini-game. The mini-games continue to promote the concept of sufficiency and economy as well as the modern theory of His Majesty to teach children and young people “a better quality of life”. 

Mr. Tanat Jirawarasirikul, Director of Great King City: “Great King City is a social game that is available on the online social network Facebook and is led by the concepts of sufficiency, economy and the modern theory of His Majesty. The urban agriculture, livestock, small to large scale and principles of life are the core ideas of Great King City. In recent years, the application Great King City has registered over 100,000 users.”

Mr. Wachirapon Kempinitpon, Senior Vice President, Muang Thai Life Assurance Co., Ltd.: “We believe that the Thai people who have creative ideas and are given the opportunity, are ready to develop their skills into a profession. Therefore we decided to support Great King City and give young talented people this opportunity.”

Mr. Michael Dichand, founder and chairman of Gussing Renewable Energy: “It is 8 years ago since the sustainability theory of His Majesty your King has caught me with positive surprise. It is 2 years ago that an article on playful learning in the Bangkok Post has caught my attention. Today most of the world has got the message that sustainability is our human responsibility. After Khun Tanat and his team have introduced me to the digital version of that Royal Sustainability Theory, I made it my goal to introduce them to the real life Thai practice of sustainability, of embracing the natural cycle in their own land and life:
Between Bangkok and Pattya, there is a ranch called The Horseshoe Point, where a tangible experience of that Sustainable Wheel of Life can be made by everyone, who wants to go beyond the theory of a Facebook game, on an everyday basis.

You the users, the participants of the game draw from that experience every time you play the game. This is what sets Great King City apart from the other games that may be less realistic in their approach. That Theory of Sustainibility that stands behind that game is actually common practice and already exists at select locations here in Thailand. The people in the cities have to understand, respect and support the people in their farms, at the enterprises and in the industries. Games like the Great King City help to support such understanding and cooperation.”

Gussing Renewable Energy congratulates the winners of the contest:

First Prize: 

Mrs. Aticha Tongchai and Mr. Atakorn Eitidaetsri of the University of Chiang Mai, for the mini-game “Having fun with growing vegetables”. The two students received a scholarship of 100,000 Baht as well a one-year subscription to the “Computer Arts” Magazine. 

2nd Place:

"The Medical Volunteer having fun game" Tree Wan Crack World Tree Team members' achievements, Mr. Tanachai Yeampol, Mrs. Sasikan Pengsombut , Mrs. Achariyaporn Hongsa , Faculty of digital media from Sriphatum University. 

3rd Place:
"King rain game" by Cooldown team: Mr. Sisitchai Panyatip, Mr. Gosin Tanakekul , Mr. Chatchalom Ketsawatright, faculty of Information Technology and Computer game multimedia at Rungsit University.

4th Place:
"New Theory of Agriculture" by Brain team: Mr. Sukit Jitchop, faculty of Information Technology, Turakit Bundit University.

5th Place:
"Management environment Game " by Addchild team: Mr. Watit Tantihamon, Mr. Surasan Arapom, Mr. Sarunyu Musikasin, faculty of digital media, Sriphapum University.

6th Place:
"A nursery fish game" by The Duck team.

7th Place:
"Grow plan Game Fun" by Xerosmile team .

8th Place:
"Royal rain game" by Sunnyday team.

Video content of the event can be found shortly on  

Papua New Guinea visits Gussing

Papua New Guinea visits Gussing
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The Papua New Guinean ambassador to the European Union, Peter Maginde and the economic advisor to the government Theoadore Yawanis visited Gussing to learn about the Gussing Model and GREGs range of energy technologies.

Implementing GREG feedstock management and gasification expertise and technologies for local renewable power will foster sustainable development for the People of Papua New Guinea (PNG). Hospitals, schools, public buildings and private households will get reliable power from locally available waste wood and municipal solid waste (MSW).

To render PNG truly energy independent GREG and the government owned KPPA (Konebada Petroleum Park Authority) will establish a training program.
To formally establish cooperation between the KPPA and GREG the two parties signed an MOU (memorandum of understanding) at the end of the visit.


After Schwarzenegger, US ambassador visits Gussing

US ambassador visits Gussing
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After Arnold Schwarzenegger's visit, on April 19th Gussing welcomed the US ambassador William C. Eacho III. Mayor Peter Vadasz welcomed ambassador Eacho III and his delegation at a gathering in the European Centre for Renewable Energy where they also heard several presentations from GREG and others. Members of the delegation expressed their amazement of the great progress that has been accomplished by Gussing Renewable Energy (GREG) for delivered renewable energy that is CO2 neutral.

Ambassador Eacho III was especially interested in the cooperation of the Austrian Partnership between GREG and ClearEdge Power, who is an American manufacturer of a micro fuel cell (CE5+) which is soon to be available in Europe. The CE5+ is capable of producing heat and power from local biogas or natural gas and is a key component for the realization of the “Personal Power Plant” which makes available the production of local as well as distributed energy production.


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We recently launched our news channel! Here we present our activities and projects from around the world, our extraordinary technologies along with our ideas and visions. will give you new insights on renewable energy, the people who are making it happen and show you informative videos about the Mecca of renewable energy: Gussing in Austria.
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New partnership with GP Green Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd.

GP Green Energy Systems
We are proud to announce that we have partnered with GP Green Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd. ( and have signed the acquisition of shares into GP Energy. Gussing Renewable Energy GmbH will be represented in India by GP Green Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd. The signing ceremony with notary presence took place on January 30th 2012 in the Bengal Club, Kolkata, India. More information.

Arnold Schwarzenegger visits Gussing

Arnold Schwarzenegger visits Gussing
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With high media interest Arnold Schwarzenegger paid a visit to Gussing yesterday. Mayor Peter Vadasz and Federal Minister for the Environment Niki Berlakovich, supported by the brass music band of Gussing, welcomed and accompanied him to visit the Biomass Gasification Plant and the laboratory facilities of the Technikum.

Here the former politician was introduced to the newest developments by Managing Director Reinhard Koch and Professor Hermann Hofbauer. Afterwards at the press-conference, he voiced his enthusiasm about the success story of Gussing: “Half a world apart from each other, we in California and you in Gussing have worked on the same cause: on positive energy!”

Great King City

Gussing Renewable Energy proudly presents "Great King City": a real-time city-building simulation game, enabling players to create a self-sufficient city, based on the model of Gussing.

Click here for more information

Floodings in Bangkok

Dear clients, friends, partners and associates,

given the fact that the Gussing Group maintains a permanent office in Bangkok, we would like to provide you with a direct and unbiased report on the flood situation, which is in the focus of the international media these days.

A longer and more intensive than usual rain season has caused severe flooding in the northern and central plains of Thailand. As this occurred over a period of more than three months, in what can be described as slow but steadily build up of significant amounts of water (some meteorologists account several billion cubic meters), the situation peaked in the first week of October. To make matters worse, the largest hydro power plants had to release water as they reached critical levels. Due to the natural flow into the Golf of Siam it passes the central region and the capital Bangkok.

Due to the centralized organization of administration and commerce in Thailand, severe flooding of Bangkok, and there again the inner city business district, would bring the country to a standstill and most likely a collapse of the elected government. Therefore the government and administrative agencies were and are trying to shield this part from the water masses. This happens at the cost of all already submerged areas, as this shield of watergates and dykes, slows the natural flow of the water into the Gulf.

What can be said as per today is that the worst seems to be behind us, but the uncoordinated and somehow contradicting flow of information created a depressive and chaotic situation to be felt by all local parties. The damage in the agricultural sector will be felt internationally by a higher price for rice and other crops. The submerged industrial estates, manufacturing more then 1/4 of the worlds CPU's, unveiled again how interlinked and dependent this globalized economy is. If and to what extend the international business community will turn its back on Thailand is to be seen, and could have a major impact on the political and social development of this country.

Gussing Renewable Energy was able to protect all its current projects and their developments, and we are happy to state that even our project in the devastated province of Nakhon Sawan will only be delayed by eight weeks until commissioning in March 2012.

As emergency response, and in order to demonstrate once more our competence in supplying basic needs to people, we are supplying a GOODWATER machine to provide drinking water to those in need (while stocks last).

Our office remains open, and we are happy to provide you further information upon request: .


The team of Gussing Renewable Energy Thailand Co. Ltd.
Bangkok, October 30th, 2011


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